Mar 17, 2018

Most of the projects funded by RTDF delayed

Majority of the projects funded by the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund (RTDF) are unlikely to meet the deadline. Even as separate agreements to carry out projects worth NPR 9 billion were reached with Nepal Telecom (NT), United Telecom Limited (UTL) and Smart Telecom, no project has made progress as per condition set in the agreement.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) on September 28, 2016, had signed an agreement with NT to expand optical fiber network in 32 districts along the Mid-Hill Highway with investment of around NPR 4.47 billion. More than half of the time allocated to complete the project has already passed, however; NT has failed to initiate any work to implement the project.

Jan 22, 2018

Billions of revenue loss in the lack of frequency distribution

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) itself is found flouting frequency policy. Auctioning of frequency on 2100 MHz bandwidth should have been done by mid-March 2017, but NTA has not even initiated the process. No distribution of frequency has caused loss of more than NPR 1 billion revenue to the government in last one year.

Due to weakness of NTA, 80 MHz frequency in 2100 MHz has not been distributed. As per the frequency policy, the regulator was supposed to auction frequency in the 2100 MHz within three to six months after issuing two basic telephone service licenses.

Jan 21, 2018

Nepal added over 250 internet users per hour

More than 250 new users were connected to the internet every hour last year, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) said. According to the NTA’s Management Information System (MIS), 2.25 million new users were connected to the internet last year.

That translates to more than 250 new users every hour. As of October 2017, 16.67 million Nepalis had been connected to the internet, up 15.60 percent year-on-year.

Jan 16, 2018

NTA to crack down on grey market mobile phones

SIM cards in smuggled handsets to be rendered inoperable
In a bid to crack down on sale of illegally procured mobile phones, the government will introduce a system under which the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards of telecom companies will not function in unregistered mobile devices.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) is preparing a guideline to enforce such a system to render useless handsets that arrive in the market via illegal channels. In a simpler sense, mobile phones whose International Mobile Equipment Identity number is not registered at NTA will not accept SIM cards of any telecom companies once the authority enforces the system.